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A & A Air Conditioning Heating & Sheet Metal is the right choice for a boiler system installation, equipment replacement, seasonal maintenance, and prompt repair.  We specialize in Bryant brand boiler systems to offer a range of high-efficiency, hard-working, and proven reliable models for you to choose from.  Our highly trained and regularly updated team of technicians service and repair all manufacturers and styles of boiler systems, and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, throughout Grass Valley & surrounding areas.

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When you contact A & A Air Conditioning Heating & Sheet Metal, we address your specific requirements, supply helpful recommendations, and determine cost-effective solutions.  Established in 1960, and encompassing three generations, we are locally owned and operated, and well-versed in the unique demands of residential and commercial heating across Nevada City, CA, Grass Valley, CA, North Auburn, CA, Auburn, CA, Penn Valley, CA, Alta Sierra, CA.  Adhering to strict sizing, installation, and service procedures, we protect the safety, efficiency, dependability, and overall performance of your heating equipment.  Through convenient scheduling, prompt arrival, top quality products, skilled workmanship, and organized job sites, A & A Air Conditioning Heating & Sheet Metal delivers a rewarding experience and satisfying outcome to every project.

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Here are some of the advantages of boiler heating:

  • Cost – While the initial investment may seem high, the operating cost of a boiler is much lower than other heating systems.  Exceptional reliability and long lifespans ensure minimal cost of ownership.
  • Space – Boilers are slimmer and more compact than most other types of heating systems, with combi-boilers able to be wall-mounted, and the water pipes require much less space than air ducts.
  • Comfort – Because heat is not blown in but rather infused into the air, boilers provide a more gentle, evenly distributed heat.
  • Noise Levels – Boilers are completely silent.
  • Cleanliness – Boilers don’t blow dust and other allergens throughout the house, maintaining cleaner, healthier air quality.
  • Zone Control – Establishing separate heating zones is simple with a boiler system, allowing for customized comfort and greater cost savings.
  • Water Heating – Relying on the boiler for both heat and hot water means less equipment to maintain, and beneficial energy savings.

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